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Child Support

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Child Support


Every parent has a duty to financially support his or her children. Child support is a legal obligation imposed on a parent to provide financial support to another parent or person who has primary custody of their children. This obligation can be imposed by a judge during or after a divorce, child custody suit, or paternity suit.

It is important to know your rights, whether you are the parent paying or receiving support. Whether you are seeking to establish another parent’s child support obligation or defend your position, the family attorneys at the Aqrawi & Nguyen Law Firm, PLLC now your rights and have the experience to properly represent and advise you.


Determining, Modifying And Enforcing Support Orders

The amount of court-ordered child support will be determined primarily based on the income of the parent who has the responsibility to pay. There are specific guidelines in the Texas Family Code based on percentages of a person’s net resources. Net resources comes from all forms of a person’s income, including but not limited to: income from employment, interests and dividends, rentals, royalties, government assistance benefits and other income. In most instances, judges strictly follow the guidelines. However, there are circumstances that warrant a deviation if the judge believes it to be in the best interests of the child.

In some cases, a judge can order that child support be made retroactive from a specific time. This situation usually arises when a parent was not providing child support when he or she should have been. The parent could be ordered to pay retroactive support that goes back to the birth of the child.

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