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Modification Of Custody And Child Support

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Modification Of Custody And Child Support


Even the most carefully drafted child custody and support agreements cannot predict the future and it is very common for families to need to make changes to one or both of these documents. Texas law allows either parent to request modifications to custody and child support orders.

Before making such a request, it is best to speak with a family lawyer. Clients may think they know how a modification will work out, but the law may have changed since the orders were finalized. Please do not take chances with your child’s future or your finances.


Reasons People Change Court Orders

To modify child custody or support orders, there must be a significant change in circumstances of at least one of the parties or the children. It is not enough to decide that you are unhappy with the current arrangements.


Valid reasons to request a custody or visitation modification may include:

  • A child wanting to live with the other parent
  • A parent is relocating for a new job
  • The death of the primary parent
  • A parent being in jail or otherwise unfit
  • As it was in the initial custody determination, the best interest of the child is the standard during any modifications.


Some common reasons that parents seek to modify child support orders include:

  • A change in a parent’s financial circumstances
  • A job loss
  • The health of a parent or child changes
  • The child’s financial needs change significantly
  • A parent remarries
  • A parent has additional children

Modifications can be handled in negotiations or in mediation. However, if the parents cannot reach an agreement, the case will go to trial by a judge or a jury.

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