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Enforcement Of Court Orders

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Enforcement Of Court Orders


Once your divorce, child custody, child support, or other family law case has been resolved either by agreement or judge’s orders, the parties are expected to comply with those orders and follow them as closely as possible. Unfortunately, this is not always so. In many cases either one, or even both, of the parents are often in violation of the decree of divorce or court orders. There may be many reasons why someone would violate a court order, but regardless of the reasons you have the right to enforce those orders. Complying with a court order is not a matter of choice, but is instead a legal requirement.

Court orders can be enforced in many ways, including wage withholding, child support judgments with interest, an award of attorney’s fees, suspension of driver’s license, and even confinement in jail in certain circumstances. It is important that you know rights in your particular circumstances and that you protect yourself.

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