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Child Custody

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Child Custody


Settling child custody arguments is messy and complicated without the help of an expert. When something as delicate as a child’s welfare is at stake, the knowledge and expertise of a family attorney can be most beneficial to both your case and your child’s wellbeing. In cases where the enforcement of custody becomes difficult, you need an attorney in your corner who can efficiently and effectively enforce the proper regulations and prevent any further problems from arising.

Determining the rights of each parent or guardian is one of the main concerns in child custody agreements, and enforcing these rights can only happen once they have first been settled. With the help of the Aqrawi & Nguyen Law Firm, PLLC, the process will be straightforward and relatively painless by reaching an amicable agreement regarding such rights as the right to determine the primary residence of a child; the right to make decisions concerning the health of a child; the right to make decisions concerning the education of a child; the right to access medical, dental, psychological and educational records of a child; the right to consult with any physician, dentist or psychologist of a child; the right to consult with school officials concerning a child’s welfare and educational status; and the right to attend school activities.

While many aspects of divorce can be messy, the enforcement of child custody and child support don’t have to be. With the right family attorney, you can eliminate the usual stress, and emotional toll it brings, from your family.

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